Wine is fun, reinforces team spirit, and strengthens relationships

The launch of the C-Class model Mercedes. Wine tastings can make a product launch more memorable

Wine is a wonderful theme for a company event. It refreshes, it enthrals, it intrigues. It stimulates conversation and challenges opinion and preconception. It helps create a convivial atmosphere for colleagues, clients or even potential recruits. And it can help us wind down after a long day of conference or meetings.

Whether for 5 or 200 people, a format can be found that will strike the desired balance: informative without being too formal, fun without being a booze-up, authoritative whilst remaining participative. Typical themes include:

  • Team-based quizzes featuring wines and wine trivia from around the world
  • Comparisons of wines from different grapes and hemispheres
  • Understanding the notion of Quality in wine
  • Wine and food matching over lunch or dinner
  • Indulging in a selection of the best Champagnes
  • An introduction to blind tasting…….and the sense of humility that goes hand in hand
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Whatever your numbers, needs or budget, we can normally help you find the right venue, setup, format and theme to fulfil your objectives. Worried about non-drinkers? We ensure that they are part of the event too. If we are not able to meet your needs, the chances are that, through our contacts in the wine business, we know someone who can.

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